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About Us 关于我们

Immersing yourself in a new language and culture open your mind to new ways of thinking
Why Bilingual? 


Immersing children in a second language may help benefit their performance in all subjects

Why our school?

给孩子找一所适合的中英文幼儿园是我们一直以来的打算。 在这个基础上, 我们希望能够找到一所孩子喜欢,家长放心的学校...

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When to start? 

0-5 岁是孩子语言发展的高峰期,是孩子学习语言的最佳时间。

The earlier, the better

This world is getting smaller while technology shortens the distance between the West and the East. The language has turned into the key of success at this globe village. Two major languages in this world, English and Chinese, have been offered to our young children as part of our curriculum at our school. Our multilingual environment brings the world to you and your children. Children learn different languages, culture, customs and art with fun and excitement.

         Our teachers approach each day with imagination, innovation and best of all, learning and fun integration! We strive to educate children in a hands-on, curriculum rich, safe learning environment with a focus on healthy lifestyle choices.


         我們的老師,每天运用想像力和創新能力将学习与乐趣最大化地整合,将中西方教学方式融合在一起,给我们的孩子最好的学习环境与机会。我們努力培养孩子動手能力,多语言能力,以及健康的生活方式。我们努力为孩子们提供豐富的课程和安全的學習環境。最重要的是,我们的老师都是用为人父母的心去爱每一个小朋友,关注他们成长的点点滴滴, 并陪伴他们一起长大。

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雙語幼兒園 拉斯維加斯 Las Vegas

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